Generation One: Eliza


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Chapter Fourteen * Chapter Fifteen


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Generation Two: Mirabella Photobucket

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A Letter from Maria


Legacy II

Generation I: Bianca's Story


Chapter One

Chapter Two - An Introduction

Chapter Three - An Invitation

Chapter Four - An Unwanted Visitor

Chapter Five - A Welcome Intrusion

Chapter Six - A Live-In Nanny

Chapter Seven - A Feeling in the Air

Chapter Eight - An Unusual Act

Chapter Nine - An Unnatural Love

Chapter Ten - Of Love and Language

Chapter Eleven - Don't Talk to Strangers

Chapter Twelve - Memories of the Past over Pancakes at Night

Chapter Thirteen - The Blogger

Chapter Fourteen - Awakenings

Chapter Fifteen - Questions

Chapter Sixteen - Without Answers

Chapter Seventeen - Looking for a Curse

Chapter Eighteen - The Curse Revealed

Chapter Nineteen - Voices

Chapter Twenty - The Man in Black

Chapter Twenty-One - Choices

Chapter Twenty-Two: Dear Mom

Chapter Twenty-Three: Into the Dark

Chapter Twenty-Four: Where Evil Resides

Chapter Twenty-Five: The Unseen is Revealed

Chapter Twenty-Six: Reflections

Chapter Twenty Seven: Visions

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Choosing Sides

Chapter Twenty-Nine: A Little Cabin in the Wood

Chapter Thirty: Telephonic

Chapter Thirty-One: Sadness and Sorrow

Chapter Thirty-Two: Empty

Chapter Thirty-Three: Red

Chapter Thirty-Four: Homecoming

Chapter Thirty-Five: Time Flies When You're with Bella

Chapter Thirty-Six: The Passage of Time

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fire in the House

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Goodbye, Old Friend

Chapter Thirty-Nine: A Decision is Made

Generation II: Allie's Story

Dom & Allie - med

Chapter One: Walking in the Rain

Chapter Two: Allie's Side

Chapter Three: An Invitation

Chapter Four: Allie and Dominick

Chapter Five: Roommates

Chapter Six: A New Beginning


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The Legacy


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Mirabella's Story

A Letter from Maria

Bianca's Story

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